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    Stay health and productive, sign up for our month medical check up

  • Lab Test

    Our laboratory is well equiped to handle your request, anytime of the day.

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    Use our health education blog to get familar with sypmtoms of various diseases that can get you down.

  • Online Help

    Our support team are readily available to response to your request online.

  • Transplant Services

    LUTH had its first successful RENAL transplant and has since carried out several more, This service is avaiable to interested patient.

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    Our team of qualified doctors in various sphere of medical disciplines are readily available to serve you and ensure great health care .

  • 24 Hours Service

    Our wards and Emegency unit are available on 24hrs service delivery, Also units like laboratory, Radiography and and Labour ward are available round the clock.

  • Emergency Departments

    Our Emergency unit is well equiped to revive patient and are open 24hrs to accept patient for treatment.

Latest News
Obstetric & Gynaecology
The Department has always provided antenatal care and delivery for booked patients. It also accepts unbooked patients and treats obstetric and gynalecological emergencies admitted through the Accident and Emergency Unit.
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The Department of Physiotherapy started as a unit under the department of Paediatrics in 1968. The Head of Department, Paediatrics at this time was the late Prof. Olukoye Ransome-Kuti.
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Child Health & Pry Health Care
The Department of Child Dental Health came into existence on 1st of August, 1980 when the three departments existing in the Division of Dentistry were reorganized into five.
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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
The present Department of oral Pathology is an offshoot of the Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Pathology, which was established in 1968.
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The Department of Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy was established in Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos in April, 1968.
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Anaesthetic Services for all Elective and Emergency Surgical procedures Anaesthetic Services for Dental Extraction in Dental theatre Intensive Care Services for all critically ill patients.
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