The Neurosurgery unit of the hospital has been in existence continuously since 1968 following initial collaboration with German/Swiss Neurosurgeons. The earliest generation of neurosurgeons has since passed the baton to the current crop of neurosurgeons.

The unit has 3 consultant neurosurgeons on staff with Dr. Femi Bankole as the head of the unit. The unit is one of the busiest units in the hospital due to the heavy trauma load characteristic of the Lagos metropolis.

Services offered by the unit include:
Full range of trauma service both cranial and spinal trauma
Complex Spinal Instrumentation
Brain tumour surgery including Pituitary tumours
Paediatric neurosurgery
Endoscopic neurosurgery
Vascular neurosurgery

The unit is supported by a fully equipped intensive care unit and service provided in conjunction with the department of Anaesthesia.

The unit also is involved fully with both undergraduate and postgraduate training with a full complement of registrars from within and outside the Lagos metropolis.

The hospital’s neurosurgery clinic holds every Tuesday morning 8.00 AM at the surgical out-patient 1st floor. New patients are expected to come with a referral letter addressed to the unit and are reviewed during each clinic session. Emergency referrals can be brought to the Accident & Emergency department at any time of the day/week.